About Us

Fraser Heaven is the founder and Managing Director of Newhaven Property and has a 30-year proven track record of successful subdivision and development across a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential property from Whangarei to Wellington.

Fraser has worked hard to establish wide and deep relationships in the industry, including a close network of agents, consultants and advisors; an outstanding team focused on constructing well-designed and well-built developments. Newhaven has built a reputation for highly effective project management and business partnerships and is widely recognised for completing quality projects on time and within financial budgets.

Newhaven has consistently been involved in projects that are ahead of their time and lead the way in future development opportunities. Constantly striving for extraordinary results is the cornerstone of Newhaven’s approach to development.  Exhibiting professional integrity in all interactions and work, Newhaven is your partner in excellence in the property industry.

“Having known Fraser for many years, I can unreservedly say that honesty and professionalism are the hallmarks of his work.”

Chris Taylor