36-44 Sel Peacock Drive

Location: Henderson

The site that would became the regional head office for the government Social Welfare Department began as grazing paddocks with no separate title, no road frontage nor services.

This 3-level, 5000m2 office building and 100 vehicle basement car park was the result of a two year negotiation and a further two year construction programme.

Significant impediments during construction were tackled and overcome, and the resulting building has stood the test of time. With robust construction and considered design, it looks as good today as it did on completion almost 30 years ago.

“As a creative designer, I want to work with people who give me great support and allow me to bring my visions to life, not just see it on paper. Fraser is a true partner, he gives me a platform that allows me to fully express my vision.”

Stephane Rondel
Award Winning International Creative Designer